DLM Modular LED Downlight Series - 13W Wallwash 90-95mm

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The DLM modular series are the latest edition to the Integrated Power downlight range. The multiple trim & colour options allow for the DLM series to be adapted to a wide range of indoor applications. Whether it's to wallwash an art piece, create some feature lighting using various trim options, or just to be used as a standard high quality downlight, the DLM series has got your requirements covered. A perfect choice for both retrofits and new installations.


  • Modular design
  • Multiple trim styles, colours & cutouts
  • Highly adaptable for upgrades or new installs.
  • Aluminum heatsink provides excellent heat dissipation
  • High Output Citizen COB LED chips
  • Quality mains dimmable driver
  • Low glare design



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  • Retail Displays
  • Hotels
  • Foyers


Standard Specifications

Rated Input Power: 13W Lumen Output: 1200-1490lm
Beam Angle: Wallwash Colour Temperature: 4000K (3000K/5000K optional)
CRI Rating: CRI>80 IP Rating: IP20
SDCM Rating: <6
Trim Cutout: 90-95mm
Trim Dimensions: Ø100*64mm Trim Colour: White


Options (add option to end of stock code)

Trim Colour - Black /BK
Trim Colour - Silver /SI
DALI Dimming /DALI

Model Links

13W Round Trim 75-80mm / 60° 4000K DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP01
13W Round Trim 90-95mm / 60° 4000K  DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP02
13W Round Pinhole 70-80mm / 60° / 4000K DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP04 

13W Round Wallwash 90-95mm / 60° / 4000K


13W Round Gimbal 70-80mm / 60° / 4000K DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP06
13W Round Gimbal 90-95mm / 60° / 4000K DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP07 
13W Square Trim 90-95mm / 60° / 4000K DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP08
13W Square Gimbal 95-100mm / 60° / 4000K DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP09

IES Files

IES DLM13SI3KD01 13W 60deg 3000K
IES DLM13SI4KD01 13W 60deg 4000K
IES DLM13SI5KD01 13W 60deg 5000K



Model Option Stock Code Availability
13W Round Trim 90-95mm / Wallwasher / 3000K DLM13SI3KD01 + DLMADP05 Special Order
13W Round Trim 90-95mm / Wallwasher / 4000K DLM13SI4KD01 + DLMADP05 Stock Item
13W Round Trim 90-95mm / Wallwasher / 5000K DLM13SI5KD01 + DLMADP05 Special Order
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