Business Owners

We have helped hundreds of WA businesses reduce their energy consumption through LED lighting upgrades.


LED lighting upgrades typically reduce energy consumption by 50-70%, so they can have an enormous impact on a company's running costs.

 Other benefits include:

  • No maintenance costs - no globes, tubes or ballasts to replace
  • Significant improvement to lighting levels
  • 'Instant on' lighting with no warm up time
  • Reduced A/C costs through reduced heat load on the building
  • Improved and consistent lighting colour - improved building appearance
  • Greater safety for staff from light level improvements


We can assess your suitability for a lighting upgrade and give you a clear understanding of the financial return on your investment. 


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 As part of the Solargain family of companies, we can also offer a full service energy solution that includes LED, Solar and Energy supply.

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