Poles - Octagonal Base Plated Mounted

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Integrated Power offers a range of durable pole options for your next lighting project. From buried direct, base plate, powdercoated and custom sizes, we offer a full range of poles and headframes ex Perth WA.

Base Plate Mount - 3M Download Dimension Drawing 
Base Plate Mount - 4M Download Dimension Drawing
Base Plate Mount - 5M Download Dimension Drawing
Base Plate Mount - 6M Download Dimension Drawing
Base Plate Mount - 8M  Download Dimension Drawing
Base Plate Mount - 10M Download Dimension Drawing
Base Plate Mount - 12M  Download Dimension Drawing


* The pole, headframe and footing drawings shown are indicative only and are subject to change based on different pole loadings, wind regions and soil conditions. Structural engineering checks are required on a project by project basis to ensure correct pole and footing selection.

Model Option Stock Code Availability
3M / Tampered HDG Finish IP3000-OCT Special Order
3M / Tampered HGG & PC Finish IP3000-OCT-PC Special Order
4M / Tampered HDG Finish IP4000-OCT Special Order
4M / Tampered HGG & PC Finish IP4000-OCT-PC Special Order
5M / Tampered HDG Finish IP5000-OCT Special Order
5M / Tampered HGG & PC Finish IP5000-OCT-PC Special Order
6M / Tampered HDG Finish IP6000-OCT Special Order
6M / Tampered HGG & PC Finish IP6000-OCT-PC Special Order
8M / Tampered HDG Finish IP8000-OCT Special Order
8M / Tampered HGG & PC Finish IP8000-OCT-PC Special Order
10M / Tampered HDG Finish IP10000-OCT Special Order
10M / Tampered HGG & PC Finish IP10000-OCT-PC Special Order
12M / Tampered HDG Finish IP12000-OCT Special Order
12M / Tampered HGG & PC Finish IP12000-OCT-PC Special Order
Special order products typically have an 12-14 week lead time. Minimum order qty's may apply.