PathPro Casambi LED Streetlight - 30W Black

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Integrated Power's PathPro Smart Streetlight offers the highest construction and optical specifications in a modern and ultra reliable fitting. With Casambi wireless control, users can easily install and access a smart, customized lighting system with simple commissioning through the Casambi app. The smooth housing limits the build up of dirt and debris. Their extensive range of optics allow for optimal glare and spill lighting control.


  • High efficacy 160lm/W LED chips
  • All aluminium & stainless steel fitting construction
  • Professional optics for glare & spill control
  • 7-pin NEMA socket
  • Reversible arm for horizontal and vertical spigots
  • Auto isolation safety system
  • Casambi enabled


  • Paths & Walkways
  • Carparks
  • Car Yards
  • Parks
  • Roadways

Standard Specifications

Rated Input Power: 30W (1-10V output adjustable) Lumen Output: 4,800lm (30W)
Colour Temp: 4000K (5000K / 3000K optional) CRI Rating: CRI>80
SDCM Rating: < 3 Operating Temperature: -30/+50°C
EPA (Sail Area): 0.12m2 Service Life: L90B10 / >50,000hrs @ 25° Ta
Ingress Protection: IP66 IK Rating: IK09
Adaptor Size: suits 60mm spigot Fitting weight: 3.5kg ± 0.3kg
Casambi Range: 200m (long range mode)


About Casambi

The Casambi solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, the state-of-the-art wireless technology and the only low power wireless technology in all modern smartphones and tablets, making it the only mainstream and future-proof low power radio technology in the world. 

 For more information on Casambi visit -


Spigot Arm Adaptor - 34mm/ Black  SL2ADP34B
Spigot Arm Adaptor - 42mm/ Black SL2ADP42B
Spigot Arm Adaptor - 76mm/ Black  SL2ADP42B
Wall Mount Bracket  SL2WADP01
Right Angle Pole Adaptor - 90mm  SL2ADP90
Dual Spigot Adaptor - 60mm SL2ADP60D
Dual Spigot Adaptor - 76mm SL2ADP76D
100mm Square Pole Adaptor - Single Spigot SL2ADP100SQS
100mm Square Pole Adaptor - Double Spigot SL2ADP100SQD


IES Files

IES SL430SI4KD01 ASYM-01 30W
IES SL430SI4KD02 ASYM-02 30W
IES SL430SI4KD03 ASYM-03 30W
IES SL430SI4KD04 ASYM-04 30W
IES SL430SI4KD05 ASYM-05 30W
IES SL430SI4KD06 ASYM-06 30W
IES SL430SI4KD07 ASYM-07 30W
IES SL430SI4KD08 ASYM-08 30W
IES SL430SI4KD09 ASYM-09 30W
IES SL430SI4KD10 ASYM-10 30W
IES SL430SI4KD11 ASYM-11 30W



Model Option Stock Code Availability
Black / Optic ASYM-01 SL4C30BK4KD01 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-02 SL4C30BK4KD02 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-03 SL4C30BK4KD03 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-04 SL4C30BK4KD04 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-05 SL4C30BK4KD05 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-06 SL4C30BK4KD06 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-07 SL4C30BK4KD07 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-08 SL4C30BK4KD08 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-09 SL4C30BK4KD09 Special Order
Black / Optic ASYM-10 SL4C30BK4KD10 Stock Item
Black / Optic ASYM-11 SL4C30BK4KD11 Special Order
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