OpticPro LED Sports Floodlight - 1200W

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The OpticPro sports floodlights are the latest generation of high powered LED floodlights from Integrated Power. Their wide range of precision optics and accessories make them adaptable to even the most demanding sports lighting projects. The highly adjustable mounting bracket is cleverly designed to make installation straight forward, whether standard or underslung mounting is required.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • High efficiency LED chips and drivers
  • Large range of asymmetric & symmetric optics
  • Glare and spill light shield accessories
  • Top & underslung crossarm mountable
  • Bird protection
  • 0-10V Dimming
  • Remote driver (driver box options)


  • Sports Lighting
  • Hard Stands
  • Industrial Sites
  • Security Lighting
  • Signage

Standard Specifications

Rated Input Power: 1200W Input Voltage: AC 100 - 277V
CRI: >70 (>80, >90 optional) Lumen Output: 176,400lm
Colour Temp: 5000K (4000K, 5700K Optional) Service Life: L70 >100,000hrs
EPA (Sail Area): 0.08m² (0deg tilt) IP Rating: IP66
IK Rating: IK09 Fitting Weight: 27.0kg (remote driver)
Fitting Weight: 34.5kg (inc mounted driver box)


Options (add option to end of stock code)

Driver Box Kit - Bracket Mounted /DBK01
Driver Box Kit - Loose /DBK02
415Vac LED Driver


IES Files

IES OP1200GR5KD01 12deg SYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD02 16deg SYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD03 30deg SYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD04 60deg SYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD05 60x130deg WB ASYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD06 40x130deg MB ASYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD07 25x130deg NB ASYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD08 AS-L ASYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD09 AS-R ASYM - 1200W
IES OP1200GR5KD10 AS-LR ASYM - 1200W



Model Option Stock Code Availability
Grey / 12 deg SYM OP1200GR5KD01 Special Order
Grey / 16 deg SYM OP1200GR5KD02 Special Order
Grey / 30 deg SYM OP1200GR5KD03 Special Order
Grey / 60 deg SYM OP1200GR5KD04 Special Order
Grey / 60x130 deg WB ASYM OP1200GR5KD05 Stock Item
Grey / 40x130 deg MB ASYM OP1200GR5KD06 Stock Item
Grey / 25x130 deg NB ASYM OP1200GR5KD07 Stock Item
Grey / AS-L ASYM OP1200GR5KD08 Special Order
Grey / AS-R ASYM OP1200GR5KD09 Special Order
Grey / AS-LR ASYM OP1200GR5KD10 Special Order
Special order products typically have an 12-14 week lead time. Minimum order qty's may apply.