HBX Series LED Smart Highbay - 320W

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The HBX Series LED Smart highbays from Integrated Power introduce the latest technology in both performance and smart controls. Utilising plug and play sensors for motion control, zigbee control or both combined makes the HBX series one of the most versatile highbays on the market. 


  • High output Philips Lumiled LED chips
  • High Quality Inventronics Drivers
  • Plug and Play Smart Sensors (optional)
  • Individual motion control
  • Zoned zigbee motion control
  • Zoned zigbee wireless daylight sensing


  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Gymnasiums
  • Workshops

Standard Specifications

Rated input power - 320W 90 degree beam
High output Philips LEDs IP54
CRI>70 46,400lm


Options (add option to end of stock code)

Motion Control /MOTION
Zigbee Control /ZIGBEE
Zigbee / Motion Control /ZIGBEE-MOTION



Surface Mount Tilt Bracket HBX1BL02
Plug and Play Motion Sensor HBX1MS01
Motion Sensor Remote Control HBX1MSR01
Plug and Play Zigbee Sensor HBX1ZS01
Plug and Play Zigbee Motion Sensor HBX1ZMS01
Wireless Zigbee Remote Control HBX1ZR01
Wireless Daylight Harvesting Sensor HBX1WDS01


IES Files

IES HBX320BK5KD01 90 Deg 320W
IES HBX320BK5KD02 60 Deg 320W
IES HBX320BK5KD03 120 Deg 320W




Model Option Stock Code Availability
90 Degree HBX320BK5KD01 Special Order
60 Degree HBX320BK5KD02 Special Order
120 Degree Frosted HBX320BK5KD03 Special Order
Special order products typically have an 12-14 week lead time. Minimum order qty's may apply.