HB Series Highbay Daylight Harvesting Sensor

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By adding an optional HB1WHD01 light sensor, you can achieve daylight harvesting functionality at your installation. When the ambient light level is high (eg middle of a summer's day) the highbay will automatically dim down, significantly reducing energy costs. Should the day become overcast, the light will brighten to maintain the correct light levels.

All Integrated Power highbays have dimming control as a standard feature and can be upgraded to daylight harvesting in the future.

Daylight sensor is plug and play for easy installation.

Includes: Daylight sensor, Bracket & Screw Kit

Suits: HB Series, HBX Series* & HBM Series highbays.

* Only compatible with HBX 150W & 200W version highbay featuring 0-10V dimming cable.

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