Casambi Push Button Controller

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The Casambi Push-Button Controller is a mains powered switch module allowing up to 4 push button switches to operate on the Casambi network. This module is mounted behind the switch and allows any brand momentary switch to work on the Casambi network.


  • Simple to install and commission 
  • IP Rating of IP20 
  • Class II protection rating 
  • IP range of up to 30 metres indoors (50m outdoors) 
  • Simple connection to luminaires via Casambi App
  • Intelligent Bluetooth mesh network 
  • Compatible with most push button momentary switches 


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Models (typical lead times 2-5 working days)

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Push Button Controller CAS.SLiC-610E-W Special Order
Special order products typically have an 12-14 week lead time. Minimum order qty's may apply.