HFS Series Sports Floodlights - 240W

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The HFS Series Floodlights are the next generation in high output Sports & Area Lighting. With low windage, asymmetric optics options and wattages ranging from 240W - 600W, the HFS Series is the ideal fitting to meet the required lighting standards for your specific sporting application.



  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Directly replace up to 1500W MH fittings
  • Asymmetrical optic design
  • Glare and spill light shielding
  • Backlight control
  • Robust mounting system, fully adjustable
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Tennis Courts
  • Sporting
  • Hardstands
  • Industrial Sites

Standard Specifications

Rated input power - 240W IP66
High Efficiency SMD chips Lumens - 34,800lm
EPA (Sail Area) - 0.22m² Colour Temp - 5000K
Weight - 7.8kg


Options (add option to end of stock code)

PE Cell  /PE
0-10V Dimming  /0-10



U Bracket - 240/300W models HFS1BR01
Vertical Pole Mount - 60mm HFS1VPM01
Horizontal Pole Mount - 60mm HFS1HPM01
Straight Arm Mount HFS1SAM01


IES Files

IES HFS240BK5KN01 T2M 240W
IES HFS240BK5KN02 T3M 240W
IES HFS240BK5KN03 T4M 240W
IES HFS240BK5KN04 T5M 240W
IES HFS240BK5KN05 NEMA 3x3 240W
IES HFS240BK5KN06 NEMA 6x4 240W



Model Option Stock Code Availability
Black / T2 M HFS240BK5KN01 Special Order
Black / T3 M HFS240BK5KN02 Special Order
Black / T4 M HFS240BK5KN03 Special Order
Black / T5 M HFS240BK5KN04 Special Order
Black / NEMA 3x3 HFS240BK5KN05 Special Order
Black / NEMA 6x4 HFS240BK5KN06 Special Order
Special order products typically have an 12-14 week lead time. Minimum order qty's may apply.