HF Series LED Floodlight - 1300W

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The HF Series LED floodlights offer the highest spec components in a full aluminium and stainless steel mounting system.



  • Robust build quality
  • Philips LED chips
  • Philips Xitanium drivers
  • Bird protection system for rear cabling



  • Sports lighting
  • Hard stands
  • Security lighting


Standard specifications

Rated input power - 1300W Philips Xitanium Driver
High output Philips LEDs Fitting weight - 26kg
149,500lm (5000K)


Options (add option to end of stock code)

DALI Dimming  /DALI
0-10V Dimming  /0-10
Remote Drivers /REM


IES Files

IES HF1300SI5KN01 60 deg 1300W
IES HF1300SI5KN02 135x60 deg 1300W
IES HF1300SI5KN03 40x70 deg 1300W
IES HF1300SI5KN04 40x115 deg 1300W
IES HF1300SI5KN05 80x115 deg 1300W
IES HF1300SI5KN06 90x90 deg 1300W
IES HF1300SI5KN07 100x20 deg 1300W



Model Option Stock Code Availability
60x60 degree HF1300SI5KN01 Special Order
135x60 degree HF1300SI5KN02 Special Order
40x70 degree HF1300SI5KN03 Special Order
40x115 degree HF1300SI5KN04 Special Order
80x115 degree HF1300SI5KN04 Special Order
90x90 degree HF1300SI5KN06 Special Order
100x20 degree HF1300SI5KN07 Special Order
Special order products typically have an 8-10 week lead time. Minimum order qty's may apply.